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Get a 30 minute free info meeting. Send an sms to 26185726 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I do different types of therapy that i tailor specifically for you. 
In my therapy, it is taken into account that you are your own expert, your own best witness of who you are and what you want with life. In therapy, I help you gain clarity about the situations that life brings and your reactions to them. I help you with how you can transform what you experience as uncontrollable into controllable.


The therapy is based on you being able to trust that you are respected, accommodated and considered worthy and who you are. In therapy, I consider humans to be beings who do their best, based on the conditions that life has placed on them. I consider people to be able to evolve and to heal with the right help.


Research shows that it helps when relationships are built on a foundation of trust. It is my job as a therapist to create a trusting environment and conditions for you so that you can develop with confidence.

In my therapy, I focus on the following forms of therapy

Gratis mindfulness

Gratis mindfulness

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I offer therapy in my clinic in Gilleleje, in Copenhagen, as well as therapy over are Zoom, Skype and Signal.

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