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Warrior parents

An 8-week Webinar for parents with ill or vulnerable children

We achieve the impossible against all odds.
We care for and take care of our children.
But how do we take care of ourselves?

We love our children. Our children are wonderful and marvelous.
But being a parent of vulnerable, disabled or sick children can be exhausting.
It can feel like being caught up in an impossible task or like drowning.

Who takes care of us?

How do we avoid burning out?
How do we avoid taking damage from persistent and intense stress?
How do we avoid losing ourselves in the task?
How do we make a profit not only to survive, but to live?

It's possible!
It is possible to maintain profits.
It is possible to maintain health, to preserve ourselves and to live rather than survive in the difficult situation we are in.

Join us on an important journey where knowledge, tools and a very special calm make it possible.

The structure of the webinar


8 online group  teaching courses  of 90 min each.
The teaching process is recorded and sent to the individual participant

Tools and exercises

12 sets of tools and exercises .
New tools are sent every week

One to one sessions

2 coaching or therapy sessions of 60 min per. parents couple

Parent group

Private Facebook parent group

Price for the package: 4600 DKK

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About me

I am a trained psycho- and body therapist with extensive experience  with children, adolescents and adults who, for various reasons, experience congestion reactions. I also have a lot of experience with how to get back in balance and how to avoid more overload reactions. I am also the mother of 3 wonderful children, where one has special needs, therefore I know the special life, the special pain and the special costs we parents experience. I also know how body and soul are affected and have made it the focus of my life to work with the area.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Lane Pedersen

Poly vagal based therapy with Dr. Steve Porges and Deb Dana

Healing Shame with Mary NurrieStearns

  Internal Family Systems with Richard Shwartz

  Affiliation -Attachment Trauma with Diane Poole Heller, Dan Siegal and Akademi Copenhagen

  Trauma with Arizona Trama Institute and Bessel Van Der Kolk

  Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine and Amie Apigian

  Mindsight Approach for children group teenager with Dr. Dan Siegal

  Emotions Focused Therapy with the EFT Institute

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